The easiest method for the successful farmer

Are you ready for a successful harvest with less work? Our aquaponic systems enable you to grow fish and plants together. You get the ability to grow mulitple crops with better disease control, great water conservation and less operation cost. We are an independent and owner managed food security consultancy in Kenya. We serve clients in East Africa to source, structure and manage their own food security.

Food Security

Food security is not only the availability of food and one’s access to it. Food security means for us also safe and nutritious food, that meets dietary needs and food […]

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MW Aquaponic Designs

  We are pleased that you would like to know more about our farm systems. MW aquaponics farm systems, combine two circulatory systems, growing vegetables and fish. A unique, environmentally friendly […]

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Aquaponics Training will help you make your home, school or commercial aquaponics dream come true. Our trainings will teach you how to manage a system for your situation which will reap […]

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Managing Director

Meike Werner

Meike grew up in a forest in Lübeck, Nothern Germany, known for her free and strong independent spirit and a deep connection with nature. Kenya is her country by choice since 2007.

Her love for pure, high quality food and her worries about chemicals and pesticides in her food, combined with the care for environment and food security, brought her to the fantastic solution of aquaponics.

It combines two circulatory systems, growing vegetables and fish. A unique, environmentally friendly way, working cost-efficiently and with no discharge of waste water. Also because no chemicals can be added to the system (simple because the fish would die), no pesticides or herbicides or chemical fertilizers can be used, meaning aquaponics farms are truly organic, and the end products are safer and healthier.

She combines all her experiences in nutrition, sales, marketing, finances, business development and training and brings it into the food security sector. Food security means for her more than availability of food and one’s access to it. Food has to be safe and nutritious, that meets dietary needs and food preferences for an active and HEALTHY life.
It seems she is not alone as the demand for organic products is still raising. Her vision is to make the two ends meet and provide real food security.

Therefore she support organic agriculture investors from their planning to their construction and the turnkey handover of the customized farm system – and is excited about every new project.

More about Meike you can find here: Professional Profile

“I believe aquaponic farming has the scale to solve the world’s food, environmental and health problems.”